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Maine-Tucker Recruitment is a Consultancy based in the Capital of the World- London!  We have two locations, West End and City as we believe in getting the ‘FIT’ right with every role. We match skills and Culture Fit, and we know it gets the BEST results. Infact we guarantee all our work and offer a full 3 month 100% refund guarantee (no sliding scales here!!), AND we have been going since 1987.  Maine-Tucker wanted to demonstrate that it was possible for a recruitment company to place people in jobs and only to benefit financially if both the Client and the Candidate were a good fit long-term. A “partnership” culture and not a “sales” culture was born.

Today Maine-Tucker’s Managing Director is Meeta Sahni; she one of the original founding staff with a special flair for putting together bespoke recruitment packages to suit a huge range of Clients.  How well a business flourishes and succeeds will depend on all your staff being top quality. You can only be guaranteed this from a recruitment company that is prepared to share the financial risk with you, to be truly in a partnership with you. That’s what Maine-Tucker has to offer.  We designed the very first three month 100% quality refund guarantee which still stands today. No scales here! In simple terms if a Client was not happy with a Candidate, or indeed a Candidate left a Client, then the recruitment fee would be returned to the Client with no quibbles or a replacement immediately found. Most Clients opted for a replacement because they felt so comfortable with the fact that they could always opt to have their money back. Needless to say the business grew.

This quality guarantee has now been developed further to provide temps with a similar quality promise. The company started out operating from tiny offices in Pall Mall, but due to the influx from a wide range of Clients seeking to protect their recruitment fees Maine-Tucker then moved to larger offices in Jermyn Street.

Finally Maine-Tucker outgrew their Jermyn Street offices and moved to the offices they currently occupy in St James’s, with a City Office in Devonshire Square. Meanwhile their Client base spread from major corporations (for example VISA) and household names (for example Royal Mail) to small and very personal briefs ranging from royal families to one-man-band start-ups in a huge range of businesses in the West-End and City.

They have also developed a totally unique “Preferred Supplier” service product which means that a Client can in partnership with Maine-Tucker design exactly the service they need. For example, the Maine-Tucker timesheet organisational system using state-of-the-art internet matrix is without equal – this means you not only get accurate paperwork but you can rest assure that it will all be legally correct.